Friday, March 1, 2013

Official Announcement!!!!

Hi, everyone!  Today I am very pleased to officially announce that I am currently working on a new album!  I haven't completely decided what the name is going to be, but it will probably be something like 'Digital Eclecticity,' or 'The Electro-Trip,' or something like that.  Basically, my project this time around is very 'digital.' Lately I have been learning more and more about the creative potential of Ableton Live, and its incredibly facilitating ways of using VST's and other plugins to untap just about anything that is within the creative minds of artists.  The songs are so 'fresh,' fusing the line between acoustic and electric sounds in a way that compliments instead of making one or more instruments stand out.  You can definitely tell that I've been influenced by many different genres this time around, including Reggaeton, Panjabi, Dubstep, Electro-Funk, Jazz, and much more.  I've also decided to use a mixture of my own bass-playing experience and coupled it with a little bit of digital sounds as well.  It creates a really cool and full sound sonically.  So, you may be asking... 'Monte, where's our demo, or anything???'  Well, the answer is, it's coming soon, very soon, like within the next day or so soon!

It's been a very long time since I have been so excited about releasing an album.  There are so many new, awesome, and exciting new works that it's very difficult for me to pick a favorite, so stay tuned!

In other news, Skelton's Montourage is playing tonight at Deerhead Sidewalk Cafe!  Stop on by and hear some great music and eat some of Evansville's finest pizza!

Also, after reading what I've said about the new album, do you have any creative ideas for an album title?  If you do, send them my way, and if I choose it, I'll send you a free copy before I release it to the public!  Get those artistic minds working!  I think I may refine this song and put it on the new album as well!

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